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Welcome to the Learning Lab at IntelligentDevelopment.com.  The learning lab is an online resource offering free and paid lessons on internet marketing, website development and web technologies to help you start and grow your business online.

Google Places Quick Start Marketing Guide

Are You Attracting Local Customers Online?

Use Google Places To Improve Your Online Visibility And Attract More Customers.

Over 90% of consumers use the Internet when looking for local products and services. If you want customers to find your local business, you need to be visible online. And, to attract those customers you need a complete & compelling online presence for your business.

Having a professional website with useful information is a good start. However, your website isn’t the only way customers can connect with you online.

Download our free guide and start using Google Places to improve your online business visibility and attract more customers.


Creating Membership Sites Using Wordpress

Turn your expertise into a revenue stream for you and your family?

Start your own membership site using free software.

Today, education is a $2.2 TRILLION dollar industry!
There's a staggering opportunity to make educational content more valuable, and earn income doing it.
Why not start by developing your own membership site today?
This Free Quick Start Guide will show you:

  • How to install WordPress and configure a membership site in less than an hour.
  • How to get high quality hosting for as little as than $4/ month.
  • What to mistakes to avoid when registering your domain name and choosing a web host.

Turn your knowledge into income by starting your own membership site.

Download this "Quick Start Guide" Here.