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New Social Media Marketing Book


Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBook I just finished reading, Getting to First Base, A Social Media Marketing Playbook by Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo.I liked the book and not just because they quoteHan Solo (Star Wars) and Kip (Napoleon Dynamite).They give you real world examples and tips you can use right away to incorporate social media marketing into your overall marketing plan. I got some really good ideas. It is a quick read at around 100pgs which is good for us time-crunched information overload types. I also like the fact they added a glossary to help you sort out all the terms.It's tricky to write on topics like this because the information changes so fast, but they do a good job. One of the nice things about the book is that they offer lifetime updates once you buy it, so as technology and the landscape changes you can have access to revisions.

Assuming you interacted with us to get a copy (you bought it or we gave one to you), you’ll have access to all future versions of the book. We’ll notify you via email when we publish an update, or you can always visit www.socialmediaready.com for revised editions.”

If you're thinking of incorporating social media marketing in to your plan or attack for ’08 this is a good book to have in your back pocket. You can check it out at.  www.socialmediaready.com

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