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Color Me Happy!

Image of Color Schemer StudioPicking a color scheme for your designs can be tricky.One great tool I use that makes this process much easier is Color Schemer Studio from I love this tool because it allows me to quickly try different color combinations.I can take a central color and quickly build a professional looking set of colors to complement it for use in the graphic design. The software is very affordable at around $50. I use this tool for almost every graphic design I do. I can create individual color scheme files so it is easy to keep all the colors for a project in one place and easily accessible. You can create your own color schemes or you can find downloadable, pre-made color schemes from their website.Go to and check out this tool.

Image of ColorPix toolDon’t forget to download the free color picking tool called ColorPix it allow you to grab any color off your screen and gives you the RGB, HEX, HSB & CMYK info.

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